Evaluating School Library Teachers and Program

Educator Evaluation Rubrics and Guides – Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE)

Advocacy & Support:

Research correlates a relationship between student academic success and access to an active school library program: professional library teacher, ample resources, and a collaborative learning commons. 

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School Libraries Work! – Scholastic

School Library Impact Studies – Library Research Service

School Library Impact Studies: The Major Findings Infographic – Library Research Service

Link Found Between Spending on Libraries and Student Learning – eScience News

Public and School Libraries in Decline: When We Need Them -National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) President’s Commentary


Standards for the 21st Century Learner – American Association of School Librarians (AASL)

Standards and Rubrics for School Library Programs – Massachusetts School Library Association (MSLA)

Empire State Information Fluency Continuum – Benchmark Skills for Grades K-12 Assessments / Common Core Alignment, Developed by the New York City School Library System


What Your School Librarian Can Do For You:

Getting the Most From Your School Library Media Program by Doug Johnson

What Should an Administrator Expect a School Library Media Specialist to Be? by Carl A. Harvey II

Are Librarians Still Important?  In a Word, Yes!  by Kate Rix (Scholastic Administrator)

Reframing the Library Media Specialist as a Learning Specialist by Allison Zmuda and Violet H. Harada

What a 21st Century Library/Learning Commons Looks Like:

Learning Commons: 

Power Up! / The New School Library by Doug Johnson (ASCD)

Flip This Library: School Libraries Need a Revolution by David Loertscher

A 13-Point Library Media Program Checklist for School Principals by Doug Johnson

Manifesto for 21st Century Teacher Librarians by Joyce Valenza

What Do Teacher Librarians Teach? (Infographic) by Joyce Valenza and Gwyneth Jones

27 Things Your Teacher Librarian Does (Infographic) by Mia MacMeekin

The New School Library: The Human Connection to Digital Resources and Academic Success – National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Independent School Magazine


How We Define Makerspaces, by Diana Redina (featured in Knowledge Quest)

Illuminating Learning Communities Through School Libraries and Makerspaces: Creating, Constructing, Collaborating, Contributing (Slideshare) by Buffy Hamilton