9-12 Library Staff & Links

Boston Arts Academy Library and Virtual Learning Commons, Allegra D’Ambruoso, Librarian

Boston Community Leadership Academy/New Mission High School, Hyde Park Education Complex Library, Adrian Pina, Library Coordinator

Boston Green Academy, Reid Library, Lucas Hall, Librarian

Boston Latin Academy, Hapgood Library, Marta Estrada and Molly Lewis, Librarians

Boston Latin School, Harry V. Keefe Library, Deeth Ellis and Susan Harari, Librarians

Brighton High School, Dominic J. Bruno Library Media Center, Kathleen Ross, Librarian

Burke High School Library, Reba Tierney, Librarian

Charlestown High School Library, Deirdre Bennett, Librarian

East Boston High School Library & Media Center, Josephine Tescione, Librarian; Joseph Panzini, Library Paraprofessional

English High School Library OPEN

Excel High School, Reid Library & Media Center, Theresa Quinn Fisher, Librarian

Fenway High School Library and Virtual Learning Commons, Bonnie McBride, Librarian

Lyon High School, Novack Library, Christine Smith, Librarian

Madison Park High School Library/Media Center, Bruce Cramer, Librarian

O’Bryant School of Math and Science Library, Jane Ichord, Librarian

Snowden International High School Library, George Cheevers, Librarian

TechBoston Academy Library, Matthew Bross, Librarian

West Roxbury Academy and Urban Science Academy Library, West Roxbury Educational Complex Library, Patricia Harding, Librarian